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Anya featured on Veggie Vero kids corner

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Anya Gupta, a young environmentalist, was invited to speak on Veggie Vero's Kids Corner with the host, Veronica Green, who has created a wonderful set of books about a vegan superhero who helps animals. Anya and Veronica collaborated to edit and publish Anya's first book, "Baby Pearl and the Big Plastic Problem," about protecting penguins from the dangers of plastic. The habitat of penguins is being destroyed, and there is too much plastic in the water, harming marine life. Along with Anya, you can be a penguin protector too.

With the four R's she describes, even children can make a difference. You can begin by decreasing your use of plastic and styrofoam products. Reducing the quantity of waste we generate makes a significant impact on the environment. Instead of tossing out old materials, reuse them and discover new uses for them. Recycle discarded items to create something new. And finally, rethink what you've done and what you can do better. What was the alternative to using plastic cups? Couldn't you have used a cup made of glass or metal? Reusing and recycling can easily be accomplished through simple tasks such as repurposing egg cartons, constructing binoculars out of paper towel tubes, and growing plants in plastic bottles.

Anya also shares how she started her journey to save penguins. She became interested in penguins when she was just four years old and wrote a report on them where she learned they were endangered. She thought they were adorable and wanted to help them in any way she could. Anya's mission is to educate others about penguins, rescue at least 100 penguins, and safeguard their ecosystem from plastic and other threats. Anya began with small lemonade sales and grew to the point that she was invited to beach clean-ups. She was able to reach out to more individuals and persuade them to avoid using plastic and styro foam in order to rescue the earth. Help Anya in her fight to defend the environment and save penguins!

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