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How Kids Can Help!

Say NO to single-use cups!

A disposable cup is used for an average of 15 minutes, and takes over 100 years to decompose.  This contributes to global warming and trash in the oceans.  Purchase Anya's sturdy reusable cup here to join the Sippy Cup Revolution!  

Reusable Shopping Bags!

About one trillion single-use plastic bags are used world wide, every year.  That's nearly 2 million per minute! Reminding parents to grab their reusable bags before grocery trips will help keep plastic bags out of the oceans.

Host a Beach Cleanup!

Beach (or neighborhood) cleanups are a great way to get others involved, plus spread awareness.  Announce it to neighbors and family with a specific date, time and location. Here's some photos from Anya's beach cleanup!

beach cleanup.jpg

Support Penguin Research & Rescue

Written By: Anya Gupta

Baby Pearl & the Big Plastic Problem

Every purchase of Anya's books support penguins and ocean-life rescue.  Signed copies of her books are available for purchase HERE.

- Anya the Penguin Protector
Anything is possible to a kid... the world is a pile of legos.

Each purchase of a penguin package supports the Global Penguin Society. 

We can all be penguin protectors!


E-Waste Revolution

70% of the toxic runoff in our waterways is from old electronics that could have been recycled.

Join the E-waste Revolution by starting an E-waste collection bin at your home. Many electronic device stores will accept your old used electronics for recycling and repurposing! Spread awareness by inviting friends and family to do the same. Or, host a collection drive, like Anya! Click HERE to learn more.

My First E-waste Collection Drive
Reusable Coffee Cup

Sippy Cup Revolution

Disposable cups and bottles take decades to decompose. They sit in landfills or find their way to oceans, harming wildlife and contributing to global warming.

Join the Sippy Cup Revolution by traveling with your own reusable cup and reminding others to do the same. 

Anya's sturdy reusable cups are available HERE.


Want a shout-out? Tag PenniesForPenguins on Instagram with a photo of your reusable cup!