When Anya learned about Penguins in her classroom for her first book report in Kindergarten, she learned that there were so many predators and ways for penguins to become extinct.  She decided to collect money to save these penguins.  She has saved 9 penguins through Defenders of Wildlife and can't wait to save even more!  She wants to save 11 more penguins this year!  She only needs $605 to go!




Penguins say "piu piu" and Anya's favorite kind is the emperor penguin. In addition to natural predators such as sharks, orcas, leopard seals, sea lions, and fur seals, other threats to penguins include global warming, oil spills, pesticides, construction, destruction of habitats, and more....

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Penguins are beautiful creatures that deserve our care and regard.  Help Anya save the penguins!


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