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About Anya


Anya Gupta is an 8th grader with a mission. A true environmentalist at heart, this bright and compassionate young woman is spreading awareness in her community about ocean wildlife protection.

Her interest in ocean studies began at the age of 4, after learning about the environmental threats that endanger her favorite animal, penguins!

Anya has since proceeded to publish three children's books about ocean conservation, she's won numerous awards, founded the Youth Council for Gumbo Limbo Coastal Stewards, hosted beach cleanups, e-waste collection drives, and she even partnered with the mayor of Boca Raton to pass a proclamation for the city's official E-Waste Awareness Day.

Anya is passionate about penguins, climate change and human impact on the natural world. She loves reading, music, cooking, dancing and singing. But above all, she loves fighting for those who need protection. She is a diplomat who stands up for injustices and strives to resolve conflict.

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