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About Anya

Humble Beginnings

Anya Gupta developed a love for penguins at the age of 4 and decided to use her small voice to spread a very large message.  Anya’s mission is to make the oceans a safer place for penguin families and to educate people on how their daily choices affect ocean life.  Growing up in sunny south Florida, Anya learned that coastal cities and states are responsible for much of the harmful trash that ends up in the oceans.


After an eye-opening experience at a restaurant with her family, Anya realized that plastic / styrofoam cups and straws are one of the easiest things to eliminate... So easy, that even a kid can do it!  This is how the Sippy Cup Revolution was born!  Simply put, it’s a vow from children worldwide to carry their own reusable cups and refuse the harmful, single-use cups provided by local eateries.  Submit a short video of your child protecting the penguins by using their sippy cup to get featured on Anya’s YouTube channel!

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Anya's Achievements


Hosted an Earth-Day Beach Cleanup at Sandoway Discovery Center

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Youth Environmental Excellence Award 2020

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Honorable Mention at the Youth Making Ripples Film Festival

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Youth Ocean Conservation Grant Recipient 

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Adopted 15 penguins from 'Defenders of Wildlife'  to support penguin rescue

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Became a Published Children's Book Author!

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