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Community Cleanup Initiative - Every month Anya goes out to clean the neighborhood.

Every month Anya goes out to clean the neighborhood. All Coastal Cities pollute oceans more (find facts) Post Halloween she found TONS of trash, wrappers, candy, etc, and was shocked, so she makes sure to go regularly and especially after holidays. This is an easy one for kids today - Wear gloves and take a bag when you go to the park or outside!

Did you know that 51 billion pieces of litter are carelessly tossed on American roadways each year? This careless behavior not only harms our communities and the environment but also threatens endangered wildlife habitats. Small animals, birds, and aquatic life can become entangled in or consume plastic bags, resulting in suffocation and death. Pollution is not just limited to our land and soil, but also our oceans are also suffering as a result of our actions. Along the coastline, tons of trash are being carelessly thrown in, causing severe harm to marine animals and polluting the water. The massive amount of waste in our seas presents a serious threat to the food chain, putting various aquatic species at risk. Furthermore, the polluted water can even pose health risks to individuals who consume seafood from these areas.

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