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Anya’s First Book Release party at Delray Beach Children’s Garden - for the community

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

At Delray Beach Children’ Garden in December of 2020, Anya launched her first book called, “Baby Pearl and the Big Plastic Problem.” Through her book, Anya shares her adventure with Baby Pearl, a penguin who accidentally swallowed plastic. Anya, the penguin protector, rescues Baby Pearl and educates readers about the dangers of plastic and how it affects wildlife habitats. She encourages children and families to refrain from using styrofoam cups and plastic straws so that animals are not harmed as a result of human actions.

Ocean animals are often mistreated and unknowingly eat plastic causing them to suffer from plastic pollution. Every year about 100,000 marine mammals die from plastic pollution. Of course, marine creatures are unaware of the threats that plastics bring to them. People caused this problem, and only humans can solve it. Even simple actions such as recycling every day or participating at a beach clean up on the weekend can have a major influence on wildlife. Kids can support Anya’s cause by recycling a variety of items such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, paper bags, and cans while decreasing their usage of styrofoam cups and plastic straws.

At her book release, Anya shared her book with numerous guests that had come to support her cause. She offered story time, book signing, and a variety of other activities such as penguin crafts, wonderful refreshments, and garden exploration which everyone greatly enjoyed. She even had an Icee truck that blew snow all over her friends. Anya and her supporters had a great time learning about the dangers of plastic and taking part in the many activities she had arranged for them. What a blast! I hope you, like me, can’t wait for Anya’s next book release!

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