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National E-Waste Day and How We Can All Help

Each year, International E-waste Day is held on October 14 and its aim is to raise awareness of how we can help dispose and recycle our electronic waste. Often, small items such as cell phones, electric toothbrushes, toasters, and cameras are thrown out incorrectly because of their size. They often end up in our regular garbage and eventually in landfills. If this electronic trash ends up in landfills, it can severely harm the environment by releasing dangerous chemicals into the soil. How can we help protect our planet?

  • Recycle electronics and batteries in E-waste recycling bins at home. Make a bin and keep it in the garage or another storage area for quick disposal. When the bin is full, take the bin to an electronic waste recycling center in your community.

  • Check product lifespan before buying it. Buy products with longer lifespans.

  • Reuse as often as possible

  • Limit the number of electronics in the house. If you don’t really need an extra gadget, look for devices that have multiple functions.

  • Ask schools and businesses if they have bins to recycle their E-waste. Encourage your school or business to participate in E-waste drives.

  • Spread the word! Teach kids and the community about E-waste and its impact.

Young environmentalist, Anya Gupta, through her E-Waste Revolution has made it her mission to educate everyone on how to recycle E-waste. Through collection drives and educating others on home E-waste recycling bins, Anya is making enormous leaps to save our planet from the harmful byproducts of electronic waste.

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